About The Home Inspector 

Mark Smitherman

Licensed Professional Home Inspector

My journey to becoming a Home Inspector began back in 1984 when I started working as an electrician. Over the next 30 years, I worked all over the state of Arkansas. Installing the electrical systems in buildings of all sizes. From projects as big as the Baptist Springhill Memorial Hospital in North Little Rock, down to a 900sq.ft. hunting club built out of an old gutted mobile home.

Some of these projects were new construction and some were renovations. And most all of them had to meet the required building codes and regulations, or at least, normal construction industry standards. Also, early in my career, I developed a sense of pride and desire to construct buildings that would survive the next 100 years or more.

Throughout my career, I have seen both good and bad building practices. Most of them have been in municipalities and were caught by the city building, plumbing, and electrical inspectors. But not all of them. I have even found that some of the smaller towns may have some construction regulations or codes, but no inspector to enforce them. Then there are the houses that are built outside of any municipality.


Mark Smitherman Licensed Home Inspector

These discrepancies in the inspection process are just one of the reasons that drove me to become a Home Inspector.

The age of the structure always has to be taken into account. Along with whether or not the structure has been remodeled, and whether it has been properly maintained or not. Also, building construction techniques are constantly changing in order to keep up with technology. Different aspects of a structure must be maintained or they will eventually fail. And some the repair techniques merely cover up the failing part of the structure. After several years in the construction industry, I have seen some pretty creative repairs.

These “techniques” are another reason I decided to become a Home Inspector.

Finally, there are the mechanical systems and components of the house. Sure, appliances can be replaced fairly easily when they get old and I or break down. Old water lines may corrode to the point that water only trickles out of a brand new faucet. Or the neighborhood squirrels invade the attic and chew the insulation off of the wiring, creating not only an electrocution hazard, but a fire hazard. These are just a few of the possible system or component related issues that may be lurking inside a house. And I am here to tell you that being in the attic of a house that has been invaded by squirrels, or worse, raccoons, is like being in a horror film.

Yes, finally, these hazards are but another reason I became a Home Inspector.

During Mark’s free time, he likes to relax by gardening, woodworking,
boating, fishing, hiking, playing golf, and most importantly, spending time with his 3 grandchildren.

The Wisdom of Experience

As a licensed master electrician who has specialized in the electrical trade for over 35 years, Mark understands better than most how a home’s structure and mechanical systems cooperate to sustain a safe and livable home environment. Mark also has experience building, buying, and selling homes—all of which became key ingredients factoring into his decision to move to a career in home inspection.

There are countless variables that can influence the quality of home construction, and it takes years to accumulate enough familiarity with construction practices to accurately diagnose a property’s strengths and weaknesses. You can be confident that Mark will put his extensive knowledge to good use, helping you learn exactly what needs to be done in order to fully protect your interests as a home-buyer.

A Home Inspector Who Sticks With You

  • From the moment you set up your home inspection, we strive to keep you involved—inviting you to attend your home inspection for an inside look at the process and for an opportunity to see the home in a whole new light
  • If you’re not entirely clear about any item on your inspection report, don’t hesitate to give us a call—we’ll gladly review his findings with you over the phone and answer any questions that you have
  • A large percentage of people who buy homes have never worked on them professionally, and that’s why it’s good to have someone around like Mark who is willing to take the time to share insights derived from his 35+ years of education and experience in the industry